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Mapped Out Money

Sep 28, 2020

#026: How can you spend money in a way that maximizes your enjoyment of it? Where do you appreciate added luxury? We're talking about all the fancy things in this Nick's Curious Questions (NCQ) episode.

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Sep 22, 2020

#025: Figuring out your business finances can be tricky. Profit First can help. We're diving into the Profit First system and how it's helped us pay ourselves a stable salary, despite variable revenue.

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Sep 16, 2020

#024: Decisions, decisions, decisions. It can feel really overwhelming to think through all your options and the respective consequences... you just don't know what you should do. We've been there! So today we're talking through 4 "guideposts" that have helped us make big decisions with less headache and...

Sep 8, 2020

#023: One little purchase can lead to a dizzying spiral of further consumption. This has become particularly apparent to us as we begin the transition from an RV into a house. So we're digging into this behavior pattern and how we can use self-awareness to prevent it from hurting our finances. 

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Sep 2, 2020

#022: Most of us are perfectly capable of creating a budget, but the trouble starts when we actually try to use it for the long haul. Today we're discussing 5 tips that have helped make effective budgeting a non-negotiable part of our life.

1. Keep It Simple - 1:47
2. Check It Daily - 9:03
3. Know Your Why - 12:58