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Mapped Out Money

Jul 29, 2020

017: Lessons From the Book Extreme Ownership

We've learned so much from Jocko Willink. His principles have helped us improve everything from our workout routine to our finances. So today we're sharing Nick's favorite 5 takeaways from Jocko and Leif Babin's book, Extreme Ownership.

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Jul 22, 2020

016: 7 Credit Score Myths and How to Improve Yours

Don't let your credit score stress you out! Instead, join us as we debunk 7 common credit score myths and discuss some wise ways to improve your score. And don't forget to download our free Credit Score Quick Reference Guide! (

Hope you...

Jul 14, 2020

015: 3 Common Finance Questions You Shouldn't Ask

We all ask questions about how to get ahead with money. But what if we're asking the wrong stuff? The quality of our life is determined by the quality of our questions. So let's make sure we're asking the right ones. Today we're diving into 3 commonly asked questions,...

Jul 6, 2020

014: How We're Thinking About Home Buying (NCQ1)

This is our first Nick's Curious Questions episode!

We're deep diving into our decision to focus on real estate investing, and how we've used lots of questions to help us figure out our next steps.

We hope you find it more entertaining than our little dog, Margo, who you...